La Merienda

At La Merienda everything is baked with love and passion. They want you to recreate those childhood memories of your Abuela (Grandma) cooking. Their focus is on quality ingredients and traditional family recipes because their goal is to deliver the best Argentinian flavours to you.


  • Alfajores,
  • Pasta Frola,
  • Torta Rogel,
  • Chocolate Brownies,
  • Cheesecakes,
  • Argentinian Empanadas and  more.

Ani came from Argentina to Australia 12 years ago. Shortly after she arrived in Sydney, she started to miss the Argentinian food and sweets, which were not always easy to find. Then, she decided to make them herself. At the end of the day, she always loved cooking and had the best mentors, her mom and grandma. Latino and non-Latino friends and acquaintances tried her food and loved it. Many suggested that she should start her own business as her food had a uniqueness and a real homemade flavour. She heard those voices and started La Merienda four years ago.

Currently, Ani sells her bakery products not only to individuals but also to supply cafes. Ani says it hasn´t been easy, but she loves what she is doing, and the joy comes every time someone compliments her food. Currently, La Merienda is a home registered business but Ani’s dream is one day to have her own café.

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